Shed Services – SUNSHINE COAST

Real Aussie Sheds has decades of experience in building Sheds on the Sunshine Coast that are built with the intense summer heat and seasonal tropical storms in mind. Our Shed services can provide any builder, concreter or DIY with the skills and expertise to build a shed in the Sunshine Coast area with a pre-drilled, easy to assemble shed kit.

Residential Sheds – Sunshine Coast

From Noosa Heads to Caloundra our Residential Sheds are a perfect addition to any property on the Sunshine Coast. We’ve been providing the means for concreters and builders to construct Sheds for over two decades now so we are acutely aware of the special considerations that need to be made when building a shed on the Sunshine Coast. Our team provides a pre-drilled, easy to assemble product that lasts the test of time. 

Carports and Awnings – Sunshine Coast

All the way from Aroona to Yaroomba you can see our free-standing Carports and Awnings, made with Bluescope Steel and meaning they are made to last and are able to withstand the intense heat of an Aussie summer. If you are in the Sunshine Coast area and are looking for a Carport or Awning solution give us a call or get in touch.

Barns – Sunshine Coast

Whether you are in Maleny or Montville or anywhere between we’ve got the Barn for you. We’ve been helping farmers build Barns on the Sunshine Coast for decades at this point so we know what you need to watch out for and what you need to consider to make the process as smooth as possible. Give us a buzz if you are on the hunt for a new barn.

FARM SHEDS – Sunshine Coast

Whether you are in Laidley, Maidenwell, Ipswich or anywhere on the Sunshine Coast and are looking for a new Farm Shed look no further. Our Farm Sheds can be made any size or height meaning within our broad range there’s sure to be a shed in your size whether you are a small farm or a large industrial company.