Real Aussie Sheds

No matter the type of residential shed you need, Real Aussie Sheds National have got you sorted, whether you need a garage for your vehicle, a workshop to safely store your tools, or just a simple storage shed. All our Real Aussie Sheds National are made tough to last and manufactured with Bluescope Steel.


Residential Sheds

With our help you can build anything from a single, double or multi-car garage, a garage and workshop combination or just a shed for storing all your important tools, Real Aussie Sheds National are sure to have you covered.

Small or large, our range and composition of our sheds and garages is virtually endless. The size and scale of our garages and sheds are only limited by the items you wish to store inside. All our sheds come in a variety of colours to suit your shed needs.

Outdoor Sheds

Is your yard littered with kids toys, gardening tools and a whole load of other unnecessary stuff? Or are you running out of room in your house to store things like your kids bike or an old DIY project? An outdoor shed might be just what you need.

A shed creates space where there wasn’t any, adds value to the property and can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any house. Having an outdoor shed will save you worrying about your equipment rusting from being left out in the open, lengthening the lifespan of your tools.


Questions to think about before buying a Residential shed

There are several qualifying questions that will help any homeowner on the hunt for a brand new shed or garage from Real Aussie Sheds National National find what type of shed/garage they will need such as; 

  1. What are you using the shed for? – If you are planning on buying an outdoor shed for your home you need to consider what items you want stored in there, how many items do you need to fit in the shed, the ease of convenience in accessing these items and any future storage needs you may have (eg. Are you planning on buying additional pool equipment or a larger lawnmower?) 
  2. How much space do you have available? – The space you have available is clearly the biggest deciding factor in what size shed you can fit in the space. The shed shouldn’t take up all the space in your backyard just the same as you don’t want to make it too small so you can’t really fit much in there. The only limitation on what we can build is the size of your backyard so the options are endless.
  3. What material and colour would you like it to be? – Every homeowner wants a shed that not only provides valuable storage but is visually appealing as well. Your outdoor shed should be complementary to the style and design of your house in regards to colour, roofing and height. If you want a worship style shed considering appropriate ventilation and lighting is a must in the planning stages.

Single or Double Car Garages

The easiest way to relax knowing your car is safe and secure is with a one car garage. You may even need a one car garage with lots of additional storage space so at Real Aussie Sheds National we can work with you to build a slightly higher or longer space to give you ample storage space. 

If your household owns more than one car a double car garage is the obvious choice. You may even own just one car but want a double garage so you can use the free space for a workshop, a guest room or even a home office.


Need a Custom Residential Shed?

If you can’t see what you are looking for then have no worries, get in contact with our team and we’ll get started on a custom residential shed that both looks good and fits your needs.