Real Aussie Sheds

Industrial sheds can vary in style depending on what is required, whether you need a large equipment shed, a shed purpose built to hold trucks and large industrial vehicles or a warehouse space for storage of your products. 

Real Aussie Sheds National provides the means for Aussies to build a variety of industrial sheds in durable long lasting Colorbond Steel.

Industrial Sheds

If you wish to build an industrial shed solely for storing trucks and industrial vehicles having large easily operable garage doors is a must, if you wish to have an industrial shed for the purpose of holding stock making sure adequate security and safety protocols are in place is something to consider and if you want an industrial shed for simply storing all your valuable tools ease of access should be a primary goal.

These are just a few of the things we will help you iron out in the design process.

Real Aussie Sheds National offers a wide range of industrial shed solutions perfect for any business from sheds, to workshops, covers and shelters, warehouses and factories or even a custom industrial shed solution built from the ground up we are sure to have something that meets your specific needs.

Commercial Storage Sheds

If you need a storage shed for commercial purposes then look no further. We provide a variety of commercial sheds whether you need outdoor storage for your vehicles, a storage shed for your products or just a stylish highly functional building we’ve got you covered.

All our commercial storage sheds are built with the Australian weather conditions in mind, meaning that they can withstand the intense heat and keep your assets dry and secured.

Commercial Workshops

Any workshop that wants to thrive in the commercial sector needs a durable space to keep their valuables and resources secure. With a wide array of sizes and styles we can cater for almost any industry with our commercial workshops.

Every business has a unique set of obstacles and opportunities so we create custom designed solutions that match these unique requirements and aid the workflow of your business.

Covers and Shelters

The simplest, most easily accessible way to provide protection for your vehicles is from a cover or shelter. At Real Aussie Sheds National we have been building tough shelters that stand strong against the wild weather conditions in Australia from floods to fires and storms to cyclones. We build our Covers and Shelters to withstand the extreme weather conditions faced in parts of the country.

Even if you need a custom shelter solution we will work alongside you to create something that looks great and protects your assets.

Warehouses and Factories

If your business needs a large amount of storage then a warehouse or factory might be the ideal solution for you. Made from the finest Australian Bluescope steel our warehouses and factories are durable, long lasting and thanks to the variety of colorbond colours on offer all the buildings look great as well.

We offer custom solutions for businesses so Real Aussie Sheds National works together with you from the jump to help iron out what type of large storage solution your business needs

Need a Custom Industrial Shed?

If you can’t see what you are looking for then have no worries, get in contact with our team and we’ll get started on a custom industrial shed that both looks good and fits your needs.