Real Aussie Sheds

Keeping your livestock, farming equipment and and your crop protection chemicals safe and secure is clearly vital to your livelihood and the success of your farm. Whether you need an enclosed shed to safely store your equipment or an open shed to easily access machinery, Real Aussie Sheds National is the one stop shop for the best farm sheds around. 

We provide a variety of Farm Sheds of all shapes and sizes to properties and farms across Australia so we are sure to have something that meets your needs.

Dairy Sheds

In the market for a quality dairy shed look no further. Made with only the finest Australian made Bluescope Steel, our dairy sheds are made to withstand both the freezing winters and blistering summers across Australia.

With our commitment to ensuring your animals and other Dairy equipment is kept safe 24/7 you can trust that with a Real Aussie Shed we’ve got your cows covered.

Farm Storage Sheds

Anyone living on a large property knows that keeping all their farm essentials and assets protected and secured year round is crucial to the success of their farm. Real Aussie Sheds National understands this and has been helping farmers build farm sheds across Australia for decades now.

Endlessly customisable to fit your needs, there’s sure to be a farm shed solution for you under our roof.

Hay Sheds

Making sure your hay is dry and out of the natural elements should be top priority so a good, reliable Hay Storage Shed is vital. The Australian made Steel frame of your Hay Shed gives you the best possible protection from corrosion (hay sheds are renowned for having a lot of moisture inside leading to corrosion).

If you need a custom hay shed we are more than happy to design a solution for you that meets your needs and keeps your hay dry for many years to come.

Machinery Storage sheds

When you’ve invested a fair chunk of cash into the heavy machinery on your large property, keeping it safe and secure is crucial. We’ve been building tough durable machinery storage sheds all around Australia so Real Aussie Sheds National knows what it takes to make a long-lasting machinery storage shed that keeps your machinery dry and protected. 

Open Front Farm Sheds

Keeping your goods and resources protected and dry is of course important but beyond that if you are frequently moving items in and out you need easy access to the shed as well, that’s why an open front farm shed may be just what you’re looking for. Offering both protection and easy access open front farm sheds are the best solution for those living on a farm who want to safely secure their assets and easily move things in and out.

If you need a custom solution no worries, we are more than happy to work with you in designing an open front farm shed that looks good and fits your needs.

Open Gable End Sheds

Need a farm shed for storage that features both great clearance for vehicles and easy access in and out? Then an open gable end farm shed may be the perfect solution for you. At Real Aussie Sheds National we have been building farm sheds across Australia for decades now that provide unparalleled protection and storage for your assets.

If you can’t see an open gable end farm shed on our website that meets what you are looking for we can design a custom shed solution that fits what you are looking for.

Need a Custom Farm Shed?

If you can’t see what you are looking for then have no worries, get in contact with our team and we’ll get started on a custom farm shed that both looks good and fits your needs.