Real Aussie Sheds

No matter what type of Carport or Awning you need, Real Aussie Sheds National have got you sorted, whether you need a carport for your vehicle, an outdoor space to unwind and relax with your loved ones. All our Carports and Awnings are made tough to last and manufactured with Bluescope Steel.

Why Choose a Carport or an Awning?

A carport is perfect for those who want a structure for storing vehicles that isn’t directly attached to their home. With its freestanding design there are no limitations as to where you want the carport on your property as unlike an awning it doesn’t have to be built off an existing wall. 

An Awning is a much better option for those with limited space. If you are on a small plot or don’t have loads of spare space to build a freestanding structure an Awning is the perfect fit as it can be built off an existing wall on your house meaning it requires much less space.

Carports aren’t limited to just providing protection for your car, they can be used for a boat, a caravan or even a trailer. We offer a variety of styles, colours and materials to suit your needs regardless of what you want. 

Wind, Fire and Flooding are the three extreme conditions that regularly batter Australia so anyone constructing a carport or awning in Australia must understand these potential dangers. We know these conditions are a constant threat so all the Carports and Awnings we build are made tough to last and built with the extreme Aussie weather conditions in mind.


At Real Aussie Sheds National we know that there are strict guidelines and regulations that need to be followed when constructing a Carport but we have been working in conjunction with these regulations for decades now so we are acutely aware of what needs to be in place for your Carport to be up to code. 

With a variety of colours, styles and materials available Real Aussie Sheds National is sure to have a Carport for you that looks great, provides safe parking of your vehicles and adds additional value to the property. 


Awnings are a great way to create an additional outdoor space to relax and unwind, entertain guests or just escape from the heat. We work with Aussies to help design and fabricate the perfect awning for their living space. Having a place that you and your family can sit together away from the blistering summer heat is made easy as pie with Real Aussie Sheds National. 

You need to be careful about where you place your awning as it must be conveniently accessible and not compromise the security of your home so we’ll help take you through each stage of the process from qualifying what you need the Awning for, to helping you with design, colour and style choices to best complement your home

Need a Custom Carport or Awning?

If you can’t see what you are looking for then have no worries, get in contact with our team and we’ll get started on a custom carport or awning that both looks good and fits your needs.